Fingerprint Door Lock,Physical Access Control,Attendance Control

Fingerprint Door Lock

A key you can never lose

You want to rid yourself of need for multiple home or office keys? You want a unique key can only use by your permission. You want never to be locked outside? If you do, you’ll love the Fingerprint fingerprint door lock. It’s stylish and easy to use, the maximum access for fingerprint allowed 150. The fingerprint door lock is recognized the most secured access control for the owner, dweller, or business owner with employees.

Access control

Leading manufacturer in China

Fingerprint is a leading manufacturer of access control systems and biometric products in China. Our access control products provide a service for a door, computer, national border to facilities. They are complimented by a complete line of biometric, proximity as well as ID systems and accessories. Fingerprint products are grateful through worldwide for an outstanding credit standing.

Attendance Control

Advanced identification technology

The Fingerprint combine a flexible and scalable biometric with attendance control are wider reckoned the most advanced identification technology available nowadays. A new attendance control systems created by our software expert team, the software is built specifically using for high security systems. The emphasis of this technology is on "attendance control". Our experience has shown that security system can only identify the participators.

Biometric security solves your security problems

Access control systems are use for attendance identification. However each of these systems has drawbacks. The traditional access control systems are always allow a purposeful intruder to gain access in. Biometric security solves this problem and also can avoid damage for losing cards. As the user, this biometric security has the advantage of removing rely on a card or key or remember password.

Logical access control

Free yourself on obligation

Many of biometric systems are being used for logical access control, the most popular are based on fingerprint matching or face recognition. However, along with technology developing, there are biometric systems emerged and identification a character with retinal scan, speech, facial thermograms. This technology usually applied in highly required security, more important the user can get a free on obligation consultation.