Photovoltaic the future  光伏 未来

发表时间:2019-07-05 14:44

2019年6月12日,公司EPC总承包的越南ECOSEIDO 51MW光伏项目全部投入商业运行,6月16日举行了竣工验收典礼。至此,自公司实施“走出去”发展战略,践行“一带一路”倡议,努力拓展经营新领域,迈出了坚实的一步。

On 12 June2019, Eco Seido 51MW(AC) Solar Power Project in Vietnam constructed by ourcompany on EPC basis has been fully completed and put into commercialoperation, and the completion ceremony was held on 16 June at site.So far, since thecompany's implementation of the "go out" development strategy,practicing the "Belt and Road" initiative, and making efforts toexpand new business area, it is a solid step forward.


Facing thenew situation of domestic and international business, the company's newleadership adheres to the tenet that quality rejuvenates enterprise, scienceand technology rejuvenates enterprise, culturerejuvenatesenterprise, by reforming and innovating to promote enterprise's corecompetitiveness and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to leadthe enterprise to an healthy development, make efforts to expand new areas,promote the transformation and upgrading of project management systemcontinuously, and lay a solid foundation for expanding both the domestic andinternational market in substance and depth.


No matterviewing from worldwide or from China, conventional energy resources are allvery limited. Photovoltaic power generation is to use the solar power which isan unlimited source of renewable energy for mankind, it has the advantages offull cleanness, absolute safety, relative extensiveness,definite long life and maintenance free with abundant resources and potentialeconomy, etc., and it plays an important role in the long-term energy strategy.