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Fingerprint scanner

In very early days, our ancestors intuitively understand that certain characteristics could serve for purpose of identification. In a very developed technology today, the human systemic are still can be used as a identification. Now we can use a fingerprint scanner to get an person’s identification, isn’t that a miracle? Biometric is a modern technique in solve to very old concerns with indisputable proof of identity base on a fingerprint.

Fingerprint module

Security devices’ role in the industry

Among all the biometrical technology, fingerprint-based identification is the most widely used in security applications; simply, everyone has their unique, immutable fingerprints. Commercially, fingerprint matching is one of the most efficient to authenticate an authorize entry, access to confidential data. Fingerprint matching techniques falls into two categories: minutiae-based and correlation based. Minutiae-based techniques find the minutiae points and then mapping them on the finger. The shortcoming of this method is difficult to extract the minutiae points accurately if the fingerprint is of low quality. Whereas, correlation-based techniques need the precise location of a designated point and a image translation. There are difficulties in either method; therefore, developing fingerprint modules for different security devices is very crucial in the industry.