Fingerprint Authentication,Fingerprint Authentication Server for Logical Access Control

Fingerprint Authentication,Fingerprint Authentication Server

Solve problem by a fingerprint authentication

We are living in computer-driven era, identity theft, privacy disclosure, password sharing, door keys or access card misplaced, and these problems are blooming since more and more information is needed memorize by human brain. Since our multiple accounts and passwords are increasing we start to felt hard to remember all information. With our products your problems can be pretty solved by a fingerprint authentication.

Fingerprint in biometric study

Depend on our new biometrics technology we designed a new module for fingerprint to cater our customer needs. A sequence of instructions will tell people how to secure your privacy. Our technology is also be used in civil applications. In law enforcement term, finger images are collect for crime record or a crime scene. Nowadays finger print is multi-functional in biometric study for privacy protection area.